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Washing your dust-coated ATV is a hectic routine. Take a look at this list of top 3 ATV covers for Honda FourTrax that will keep your ATV safe from pollution.

ATV covers are saviors for ATVs. They protect them from unnecessary damage caused by dirt, water, and scratches. They also prevent the ATV’s body from wearing out. The best ATV covers include WeatherFit’s Gold ATV cover, PowerPro ATV cover, and Neverland ATV cover. They fit perfectly on the FourTrax.

Most ATV covers come in a universal fitment, so you can get any cover that provides the best features. However, ATV owners are unaware that the covers made for all-purpose protection don’t provide maximum protection from any harmful element. For example, an all-purpose ATV cover offers protection from dust, snow, rain, winds, and scratches, but it does an average job to be an all-rounder. Instead of buying an all-purpose cover, you should buy a cover that is specially made to protect your Honda FourTrax from one of these conditions, depending on your location and the issue you face the most.

Fortunately, I have owned a Honda FourTrax Rancher for a while. I found nothing more satisfying than taking off the cover every morning and finding a clean and shiny ATV. In this article, you will find the best ATV covers for your Honda FourTrax. I will also mention a few tips to prolong your cover’s life. Let’s dive right into it!

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Top 3 ATV Covers for Honda FourTrax

1. PowerPro ATV Cover

Water, dust, snow, UV rays, storms can damage your ATV, but this cover offers the most rugged and all-year-round weatherproof protection you can get in any vehicle cover. PowerPro is one of the industry leaders in vehicle accessories production. This cover is their top-of-the-line product. The company rates this cover 10 out of 10, considering all significant factors, including quality, reliability, and durability.

This cover comes in different sizes and fits a Honda FourTrax perfectly. However, if you decide to upgrade to another ATV, putting this cover on shouldn’t be much of a problem. Moreover, ATV covers have elastic hems at the front and rear ends that allow the cover to fit snuggly onto the vehicle. With this ATV cover, you will get elastic hems all around the bottom of the cover, which provides even better fitment.

If your area often experiences heavy winds and storms, this cover will prove to be of immense value with its elastic hems that would hold on and prevent your ATV’s body from getting exposed. Whether you find these advantages worthwhile or not, this cover’s material will surely sway you away.

PowerPro’s ATV cover is made of heavy-duty Polyshield fabric, which is 100% water-resistant and is designed to perform and last in the most intense weather conditions. On the other hand, the fabric is treated for robust protection from harmful UV rays. I habitually leave my ATV outdoors during the day because it’s my go-to ride for most errands. So, if you’re anything like me, you will find the material of this cover extremely beneficial.

The free integrated strap kit is an additional feature you get with this cover. The kit comes in handy when you’re planning a long trip on your ATV or when you want to store away the cover for a long time. You can quickly adjust the straps and tightly fold the cover to store it using less space. The cover also comes with a free storage bag, so you can easily store it without exposing it to harmful elements that may tear or damage it.

Surprisingly, there’s nothing I find about this cover that should stop you from buying it other than its comparatively high price. However, it is an investment that will prove its value in no time by keeping your Honda FourTrax in the best shape.

You can get this ATV cover from PowerPro’s dealerships. Check it out.

2. WeatherFit Gold ATV Cover

The Gold ATV cover is one of WeatherFit’s highly recommendable covers. It is an all-purpose cover made with the same technology used to make WeatherFit’s Platinum cover. However, the Gold ATV cover consumes four protective layers instead of five in the Platinum cover. Despite not having the soft-fleece lining layer, this cover provides the same level of protection from various harmful elements.

The top two layers consist of non-woven fabric that keeps any substance from tearing or leaking through the cover. The third layer is a water-resistant film that supports the layer above and is breathable. The moisture and heat can trap in your vehicle’s cover and damage the paint and cause the metal parts to rust. Therefore, the third layer allows ventilation between the cover and vehicle to escape the moisture and heat. The last layer is a protective inner lining that provides outstanding all-around protection to your ATV’s body.

A Honda FourTrax is well-regarded for many purposes. It offers high functioning with one of the most beautiful-looking bodies a four-wheeler has. An average quality cover will protect your ATV from dust and water, but the more rigid elements such as debris and tree sap can leak through the cover and damage your vehicle’s seat and other parts. Riders are often annoyed by sticky seats due to tree saps or birds dropping waste bombs.

However, many riders are happy after buying the WeatherFit cover for their ATVs. They reported that this cover keeps the most challenging pollutants away from their ATV body and their precious rides look brand new when they take off the cover.

Customers who live in the countryside with dirt roads find this cover highly suited to their ATV’s protection. The elastic hems at the front and rear ends fit nicely onto the vehicle and don’t let polluted air get in. Moreover, the plastic grommets on either side help tie down the cover to seal the vehicle from every angle. You can use a tie-down strap with a cable lock to perfectly secure your Honda FourTrax against strong and dusty winds.

You can get this ATV cover from PowerPro’s dealerships. Check it out.

3. Neverland ATV Cover

The Neverland ATV cover comes in various sizes. If you’re on the lookout for an ATV cover for any of the Honda FourTrax models, this cover will do the job just fine. Whether you have a Honda FourTrax Rancher, Rancher ES, Rancher AT, or FourTrax Rincon, this cover can fit any model and protect it from all harsh conditions and all year-round.

Other than a Honda ATV, this covers also fits well on other brands, including Polaris, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawaski, Raptor, etc. So even if you plan on changing your ATV soon, you needn’t spend more money on a new cover. Additionally, the elastic hems around the cover’s border allow it to fit snuggly around the vehicle’s bottom. If you’re in for camping in the desert or high up in the mountains, you can simply cover your ATV with Neverland’s cover and be free from the worry of your ATV being damaged.

The cover offers extra protection against water. Neverland’s ATV cover is made from denier oxford cloth, a high-density material proven to be super water repellant. It has a 2000mm waterproof rating, more than many other ATV covers that claim to be the best waterproof ATV covers. This cover also has a UV-treated layer with a silver lining, protecting your ATV from harmful UV rays.

The Neverland ATV cover is a popular option among owners of all major ATV brands and has a high rating of 4.5 stars from over 1300 users on Amazon. It doesn’t surprise that an ATV cover of this caliber has such a high rating. What’s better is the cover is double-stitched at the hems, making it durable and reliable.

It won’t hurt to try this cover with all of these qualities. The company also offers a 180-day money-back guarantee, so even if the ATV cover does not satisfy your expectations, you can return it without bearing any loss. What are you waiting for? Get this cover now on Amazon, starting from only $24.99.

How to Keep Your ATV Cover from Wear & Tear?

  • Keep the cover off a wet vehicle: ATV covers are meant to protect your ATV from water entering from the outside. However, if your ATV is already wet, for example, after a wash, refrain from covering it until it dries completely. The water will take longer to dry and drain away, damaging your vehicle’s body.
  • Don’t put the cover on a freshly painted vehicle: You should not cover your ATV or any other vehicle if it is freshly painted. The paint might seem dry to you, but the cover can damage it with no fault of its own if you do not wait for a sufficient period before covering it. It is recommended that you wait for at least six months before putting on a cover after a fresh paint job.
  • Please wait for your ATV to cool down: People often put on their covers immediately after turning off the ATV, which causes the hot exhaust or muffler to burn the cover. Therefore, make sure you put on the cover after your ATV has cooled down completely.




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