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Protecting your Polaris Phoenix 200 is critical to extend its lifespan and prevent wear and tear. Here are the top 3 ATV covers for Polaris Phoenix 200.

ATV covers ensure your ATV stays safe from harmful elements in the environment that can cause wear and tear to your ATV. Therefore, the best covers to protect your Polaris Phoenix 200 include Weatherproof MAX Shield ATV Cover, CarCovers Factory Premium Edition ATV Cover, and MSZ ATV Cover. This article will provide details regarding each cover.

Although the basic function of an ATV cover is to protect your ATV from harmful elements, not all ATV covers serve equal protection. Some covers are thicker to withstand tougher outdoor conditions, while others are made for lightweight duty and indoor protection from basic substances like dirt and moisture. The price of ATV covers varies according to their quality.

Several friends and I store our ATVs in garages, backyards, and elevated decks, but we still keep our rides under a cover as it is a practice all ATV experts recommend. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 ATV covers so you can keep your Polaris Phoenix 200 in excellent shape! I will also answer the most commonly asked question about ATV covers, so you are ready to use your ATV cover with full knowledge.

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Our Top 3 Picks of ATV Covers for Your Polaris Phoenix 200

Following are the three best ATV covers that fit perfectly on a Polaris Scrambler 200:

1. Weatherproof MAX Shield ATV Cover – Best Overall Choice

Weatherproof MAX Shield ATV cover is our top pick to protect your Polaris Scrambler 200. It is made of the highest-quality fabric and has top-of-the-line features. Long-lasting, reasonable, perfect fit – this cover has heaped all sorts of praises from customers worldwide.

This cover has an extra-thick denier oxford fabric that provides maximum protection in the toughest outdoor conditions. The robust material does not allow rain, wind, dust, mildew, or storms to wear out your ATV by any means. Moreover, not even sticky bird droppings and tree saps can leak through the cover to damage your Polaris Phoenix.

Whether you park your ATV indoors or outdoors, this cover is well equipped to protect it from all harmful elements. Often, ATV covers as thick as the Weatherproof MAX Shield trap air and moisture inside, damaging several integral parts of the vehicle. Fortunately, this ATV cover facilitates ventilation through air vents on each side to avoid moisture build-up. Their air vents are covered with water-resistant material, so the water slides off without entering in.

This ATV cover sports ultrasonically welded seams, so the water or pollutants do not leak from the weakest points. The elastic hems at the front and rear ends make sure the cover snuggly fits your Polaris Phoenix 200 and does not provide unnecessary space. The best feature of this cover is the adjustable strap on each side that allows you to trail your ATV. Many covers are equipped with adjustable straps only on the left and right sides. However, with this cover, you get this feature on every side.

A major concern of ATV owners is the sun wearing out their ATVs because they don’t have a garage or covered parking space. If you’re worried about that, the Weatherproof MAX Shield ATV Cover is all you need because it is treated with an ultra UV protection layer that reflects the sun rays and keeps your ATV cool.

The features you get with this ATV cover are certainly a lot, and that’s why there is hardly any negative review for this cover. Customers are full of praise for this cover, while only a few are concerned about its pricing. You can get this cover for $239.95. Although it is on the pricier end, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, it doesn’t feel bad for a one-time investment to offer the best protection for your ATV.

2. CarCovers Factory Premium Edition ATV Cover – Best Features

This ATV cover is as good as they come. The CarCovers Factory Premium Edition ATV cover is as strong as the Weatherproof MAX Shield ATV cover. We have mentioned it has the best features just because it is slightly pricier than the latter. However, the price difference is justified as this cover boasts a 600D polyester material, which is the thickest material any ATV cover is made of.

This premium edition ATV cover is designed to withstand all outdoor conditions, providing even better protection than seven-layer covers. Despite having multiple layers, the material is made with micro-porous oil-based material to allow ventilation and avoid moisture build-up. Unlike other ATV covers that only have elastic hems on the front and rear ends, this ATV cover has elastic hems all around the border, ensuring snug fitting on your Polaris Phoenix 200.

With this cover on, you can park your ATV in your backyard or on the street and be at peace without worrying about bird droppings, tree saplings, animals, rain, snow, lightning, and storms polluting your ATV. This cover can also withstand mild to normal hail. However, strong hail can tear the cover. The manufacturer has double-checked the waterproofing system with dual ultrasonically welded seams to keep the water out.

ATVs are easily portable as you can haul them on a truck and trail them to your desired destination for some fun. However, most people find it hard to do either as they don’t have ATV covers or the strong winds on highways tear their cover apart, exposing their ATVs to dirt and debris. This ATV cover provides straps and buckles to make your ATV trailer-able and prone to strong winds.

It’s hard to believe a cover can be so good overall. That’s why I back my recommendations with customer reviews. Customers find this cover excellent and a good fit for the Polaris Phoenix 200. Moreover, they find the free storage bag a great added value option as it provides safe and portable storage for the cover. As mentioned earlier, this cover is expensive. It retails for $269.95, but you can catch it at a discounted price of $139.95!

3. MSZ ATV Cover – An Honorable Mention

For those of you who want an all-around protection ATV cover at a budget price, take a look at the MSZ ATV Cover. This cover is available in three sizes: medium (76-inch length), large (88-inch length), and extra-large (101-inch length). However, the Polaris Phoenix 200 is a smaller ATV with only a 65-inch length. Therefore, you don’t need to spend extra bucks over a size that won’t even fit your ATV. The medium size fits well on a Polaris Phoenix 200 with a bit of loose fabric. Fortunately, you can tighten the flexible fabric as the cover is equipped with adjustable straps.

The elastic hems at the bottom of the cover keep it steady on your ATV, protecting it from strong winds. The specifications of this cover make it an all-weather protective shield for your ATV. The MSZ ATV cover is made with 210 high-density oxford material, treated with PU waterproofing and UV protection layers. It is clinically tested to withstand 2000 PA water pressure, sealing any doubts about the cover’s waterproof ability.

If an ATV cover is not breathable, it allows moisture to settle in and creates a balloon shape when tackled with strong winds. However, this cover is well-equipped to avoid these mishaps as it has air vents on each side that allow the air to blow through, preventing moisture build-up and tearing. A unique feature of this cover is the reflective stripe on each side that helps drivers notice your Polaris Phoenix 200 at night so they can steer clear of it.

This cover protects against dust, debris, mildew, wind, snow, water, and UV rays. Customers find this cover addressing their needs at a reasonable price of only $35.99. However, this cover is not trailer-able, and some users have complaints about the low-quality buckle straps. Even so, the one-year warranty gives you sufficient time and comfort to try out this cover. You can get the MSZ ATV Cover from Amazon.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs customers have regarding ATV covers:

Q. How does the warranty work?

A: Warranty ensures replacement of the cover within a specified period if the ATV cover wears out, tears, or does not perform as claimed. However, the warranty does not cover any damage caused by unusual use or the user’s fault.

Q. Do I need to put on the cover on my ATV in a garage as well?

A: ATV experts recommend covering your ATV whether parked in a shelter-like garage or outdoors. Dirt and debris can find their way onto your ATV, even in the cleanest of garages

Q. What is the correct size of ATV cover for my ATV?

A: Every ATV has different dimensions. Some covers are custom fit for a specific ATV, while others are universal. A custom-fit should fit your ATV well. However, you should always measure your ATV for the perfect size when buying a cover.




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