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With our list of top 3 ATV covers for Polaris Sportsman, you can make the right choice when it comes to finding the best cover for your Polaris Sportsman.  

An ATV cover ensures that your Polaris Sportsman is protected when not in use. From among the HaCover waterproof ATV cover, Kemimoto ATV cover, and Carrep ATV cover, this detailed review article will help you choose the ATV cover that’s best for your Polaris Sportsman.

Not all ATV covers are of equal quality. Some may offer excellent protection from rain but might not be made from the most reliable material. One that’s made of a high-quality material might not fit your ATV well. You’ve got to make sure that the ATV cover you choose for your Polaris Sportsman isn’t just made out of the finest material, but it should also fit your ATV well. It should also be easy to install and remove. If it’s your first time buying a cover for your Polaris Sportsman, this guide will help you a great deal!

This list of top 3 ATV covers for Polaris Sportsman is no random compilation, but it only includes the ATV covers that we, as ATV experts, can swear by!

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Buying the Best ATV Cover for Your Polaris Sportsman

If it’s your first time buying an ATV cover for your Polaris Sportsman, you may not know what factors to consider before closing the purchase. Let’s look at these factors to help you make a more informed decision.


ATV covers come in various sizes. Some are specific to certain makes and models, while others are more versatile and fit different ATV models. Always measure the length, height, and width of the model of Polaris Sportsman that you own before making a purchase.


Usually, all the ATV covers available today offer protection against basic elements like dust and wind. However, you should choose an ATV cover that’s suitable for your region’s weather. If it’s sunny and hot most times of the year, you should choose a cover that’s made of UV-resistant material. If it snows in your region, a snow-resistant material should be your preference.

Additional Features

It’s always good to invest in a product that offers the maximum value for money. Look for additional features like a storage bag, adjustable size, wind straps, etc., before buying an ATV cover for your Polaris Sportsman.

Our Top Picks

1.           HayCover ATV Cover for Polaris Sportsman

This ATV cover from HayCover is one of the most versatile and most reliable ATV covers for Polaris Sportsman. It fits the Polaris Sportsman snuggly and fits other ATV makes well, including Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki. So, even if you plan to replace your Polaris Sportsman with a newer model from another ATV manufacturer in the future, you wouldn’t have to buy a new ATV cover.

Made using the high-quality Oxford fabric treated with a waterproof PU coating, the HayCover ATV cover offers tremendous resistance to weather elements, water, and tears. If you don’t have sufficient space in your garage for your Polaris Sportsman, you can rest assured that your AYTV is well protected as long as it’s covered with the HayCover ATV cover. Not just that, it features precise two-thread stitching that adds to the strength of the stitches, making sure the ATV cover stands the test of time. Unlike most ATV covers from competitors that can only withstand a pressure of about 700 to 800 Pa, the HayCover ATV cover can withstand pressure as high as 2000 Pa.

Another noticeable feature of the HayCover ATV cover is reflective strips that facilitate parking outdoors at night. You don’t have to worry about any oncoming cars or bikes running into your parked ATV. Moreover, the cover comes with a dual bandage that can be adjusted to fit the ATV well, thereby ensuring that the cover doesn’t get blown away when the wind catches pace. The dual air vents further offer moisture protection to the interior of your Polaris Sportsman.


  • Highly versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent water, weather, UV, and tear-resistance
  • Durable two-thread stitching
  • Reflective strips for parking at night
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Dual bandage for a snug fit
  • Dual air vents to keep moisture out
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Doesn’t cover the wheels of the Polaris Sportsman, as a result of which wheels stay exposed

2.           Kemimoto ATV Cover

The next on our list of the top 3 ATV covers for Polaris Sportsman is the Kemimoto ATV cover. It offers excellent protection from dust, rain, snow, sun, wind, and mildew. In short, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said that the Kemimoto ATV cover offers the ultimate protection from all external elements and keeps your Polaris Sportsman in top shape! You don’t have to worry about the plastic components of your ATV fading under the sun or metal parts from getting rusted due to rainwater.

The best feature of the Kemimoto ATV cover is its size. It covers your Polaris Sportsman to its entirety, including the wheels. No matter what the weather is like outdoors, your Polaris Sportsman will be protected well.

The excellent wind protection is another feature that makes the Kemimoto ATV cover stand out from its top competitors. The cover has an elastic bottom that holds onto your ATV strongly. You don’t have to worry about the cover blowing away when the wind blows, leaving your beloved ATV exposed.

Kemimoto ATV cover is made of 210D water-resistant material that offers superior water resistance. The interior side of the cover has a special anti-UV coating that protects your Polaris from harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays that might manage to cross the initial barrier of the ATV cover. In addition to this, the Kemimoto ATV cover features seamless stitching that adds to the durability and water resistance of the cover.


  • Durable
  • Highly resistant to water, snow, dust, sun, and wind
  • The special silver coating on the interior side of the cover to protect the ATV from the sun’s UV rays.
  • The size is big enough to cover the wheels.
  • Comes with an elastic bottom that keeps it from blowing away
  • Convenient installation
  • Comes with a portable storage bag
  • Compatible with many other ATV makes and models other than Polaris Sportsman


  • Many users complained about the cover tearing when exposed to strong wind

3.           Carrep Waterproof ATV Cover

The waterproof ATV cover by Carrep is one that you can rely on. Made from UV-stabilized woven nylon Oxford fabric, it’s one of the most durable ATV covers for Polaris Sportsman available in the market today. The Carrep ATV cover offers full-proof protection from dust, tears, snow, UV rays, and water, making sure your beloved Polaris Sportsman stays in top shape for as long as it’s with you. The cover covers the ATV completely, ensuring that your Polaris Sportsman is protected from all sorts of damaging external factors to its entirety, including the wheels.

One feature that not many ATV covers have got is the extra-soft and ultra-gentle interior. The inner side of the cover has been kept very soft to make sure that the cover doesn’t scratch your Polaris Sportsman.

When we say that the Carrep ATV cover is highly durable and will last you a very long time, we don’t say so without any justifiable reasons. The seams have been reinforced by a double stitch, which means they won’t tear away under pressure. While most ATV covers are made to withstand a pressure of 700 to 800 Pa, the Carrep ATV cover for Polaris Sportsman won’t budge even if exposed to a pressure of 2000 Pa.

There are straps at the bottom of the cover that strongly hold onto the ATV, making the cover highly resistant to wind. And this is not just it. The entire bottom of the cover features an elastic band. Even if the weather turns extremely windy with strong winds, the Carrep ATV cover will stay in place. The fabric is of a superior quality that doesn’t tear easily. You can expect the Carrep ATV cover to last you for years.

As if all of the features mentioned above weren’t enough, the Carrep ATV cover also features four reflective stripes that offer protection from any mishaps or accidents while your ATV is parked outdoors at night.  

What makes the Carrep ATV cover for Polaris Sportsman one of our top picks is that it comes in three sizes. You won’t find this choice with most ATV covers. You’ve got the option to choose the size that’s ideal for the Polaris Sportsman model that you own!


  • Made of durable nylon Oxford fabric
  • Offers superior protection against water, dust, sun, snow, and wind.
  • The interior of the cover is soft that protects the exterior finish of your ATV.
  • Double stitches on the seams make it highly durable.
  • Elastic bottom band and wind straps provide a high level of wind protection.
  • The reflective stripes ensure your ATV’s safety at night.
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Comes with a handy storage bag


  • The wind straps aren’t very durable and can break if pulled too hard.





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