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How about finding your ATV nice and shiny every morning? Here are the top 3 ATV covers for Yamaha Grizzly that will protect your ATV from pollutants and damage.

Dirt, snow, sunlight, and water can wear out your ATV. This can depreciate its value and cause trouble while riding. You can protect your ATV by using covers. Neverland Custom Indoor ATV cover, Badass Moto Camo Heavy-Duty cover, and Seal Skin Supreme All-Weather ATV cover are top covers for Grizzly.

Along with coming in different sizes, most ATV covers are not vehicle-specific. They can fit well into many different brands, makes, and models. Therefore, no matter which ATV you have from the Yamaha Grizzly range, the covers mentioned in this guide will fit perfectly on them.

In this article, we will discuss the best ATV covers along with their qualities so that you can make an informed decision. The ATV covers mentioned in this article are not picked randomly but listed after extensive research and backed with my personal experience as an ATV enthusiast. I will also tell you how to wash your ATV cover to prolong its life.

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Top 3 ATV Covers for Your Yamaha Grizzly

1. Badass Moto Camo Heavy-Duty Cover

The Badass Moto Camo Heavy-Duty ATV cover is as robust as its name suggests. This cover comes in five variations:

  • Small - 75" length
  • Medium - 85" length
  • Camo Medium - 85" length
  •  Large - 95" length
  • Camo Large - 95" length

The cover is available in three different lengths. The medium and large sizes have a camouflage print variation perfect for camping and hunting. Unlike many other ATV covers that turn out to be lower than average, this cover holds its grounds and all the qualities claimed by the manufacturers.

The Badass Moto Camo cover is made from heavy-duty triple waterproof 300D polyester, which is super sealed with taped seams, so there is no chance for the water to leak. This ensures that waterproof materials back any gaps between the hems.

Challenging elements such as bird droppings and tree saplings can damage the material of the ATV cover and weaken its layers, allowing elements to sneak in. However, with this ATV cover, you don't have to worry about any sticky substances on your ATV once you lift the cover. The industrial-grade polyester this cover is made out of is no ordinary material. It keeps your ATV safe from dirt, snow, rain, water splashes, harmful UV rays, bird droppings, and tree saplings.

Leaving your ATV parked outside at night, especially in a high traffic area or where there isn't enough light, can be dangerous. Someone might hit or scratch your ATV accidentally. However, the Badass Moto ATV cover can save you from a disheartening incident like that. This cover is equipped with reflective strips along its sides that shine even in the lowest light. Therefore, you can feel safe while your precious ride is parked outside.

Badass Moto Camo Heavy-Duty cover also has security features such as air vents and a quick-access zipper. The air vents allow air into the cover, so the heat and moisture don't settle in and damage our ATV's body. The quick-access zipper is an upgrade the manufacturer has made to the cover and a unique feature in ATV covers. The zipper is in the mid-section allowing quick access to your ATV's console area. This includes your gas tank, meter, and ignition area. This feature is highly useful as you can access these areas quickly without taking off the cover.

You can get the Badass Moto ATV cover for your Yamaha Grizzly from Amazon.

2. Neverland Custom Indoor ATV Cover

The ATV cover from Neverland is one of the hottest-selling ATV covers in the market. Made using the high-quality 210 Denier Oxford fabric that's treated with a waterproof PU coating, the Neverland Custom Indoor ATV cover offers tremendous resistance to weather elements, including water, sun, dust, and rain.

This cover fits almost any ATV perfectly and holds on tight as the material is stretchable. It takes the shape of the ATV and leaves no room for other elements to enter. Moreover, unlike most ATV covers with elastic hems only at the front and rear end, this cover is surrounded by an elastic bottom. This allows the cover to stay on from all angles.

Moreover, this cover comes with an adjustable bandage that keeps your cover holding tight to your ATV even in strong winds. You don't have to worry about winds blowing off your cover and snow covering your ATV when you go to sleep after a long day of training.

The cloth is double stitched and has reinforced seams that don't allow water or the toughest debris to touch the ATV's body. However, the cover is scratch-resistant and soft from the inside, preventing your ATV's body from bearing any scratches. Not just that, this cover is treated for protection against UV rays as well.

A noticeable feature of this ATV cover is the reflective stripes on the four corners, which helps notice your ATV at night. How ironic is that? If you have to leave your Yamaha Grizzly out on the street, the reflective strips will make it noticeable, so a vehicle passing doesn't crash into your ATV. Apart from that, the reflective strips are in the form of a handle which aids in easy application of the cover.

It's not just that. The cover is stretchable enough to cover our wheels as well. The harsh sunlight threatens your ATV's body, but it also wears off the tires by making the rubber hard. The Neverland Custom Indoor cover makes sure your ATV stays in top shape by all means.

It is safe to say that this ATV cover is one of the most reliable covers for your Yamaha Grizzly. It has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 on Amazon. Check the cover on Neverland's Amazon store.

3. Seal Skin Supreme All-Weather ATV Cover

The Seal Skin Supreme All-Weather ATV cover is the one you can rely on. Made with high-grade polyester, it is one of the most distinct covers available for Yamaha Grizzly. Although this cover is not vehicle specific, it has supreme elasticity to fit any model of Yamaha Grizzly you own or another ATV make and model you might have.

At a price much lower than other top-quality ATV covers, these covers offer the same level of protection against all-weather conditions and other pollutants. Rather than offering a balance between price and quality, this cover is a trio of high-level craftsmanship, durability, and low price. The appearance of this cover is also a distinguishing feature. The snug fit feature includes an elastic bottom that takes the shape of your ATV. Therefore, the cover will stay on even in high winds and light storms. This feature also makes it much easier to put on or take off the cover.

A highly unique feature that not many covers have is the super gentle and feather-like material on the interior of this cover. As the cover fits your ATV tightly, the soft interior lining keeps the cover from scratching the body. You can buy this cover from Seal Skin dealerships.

How to Clean Your ATV Cover

As promised, this is how you can clean our ATV cover from dust, debris, bird droppings, tree saplings, etc.

Light Hand Wash

Cleaning your ATV cover is straightforward. For a light wash, soak the cover in a solution of warm water and a mild detergent for three to four hours. A strong detergent might weaken your cover's strength. Spread the cover on the floor and scrub it gently with a soft brush. Once all the impurities are scrubbed off, rinse the cover with water two or three times to ensure all the detergent is drained.

Power Wash

Some stains or impurities are rigid and tough to clean. Therefore, a power wash is what your cover needs to look brand new again. To clean your cover, put it on your vehicle so it stretches out and you're able to see all the stains. Spray the cover with a power hose, ensuring all the impurities are covered. However, ensure that the cover properly covers your ATV, so the water doesn't get on it. Gently scrub the cover with a solution of warm water and detergent. Wash the cover again with a power hose until the detergent completely washes out of the cloth.

You can simply dry your ATV cover by hanging it in your garden or the backyard. However, you can dry the cover instantly with the help of a hairdryer. Make sure that you use it on the lowest setting without the heat function.

Note: The warranty of these three covers only applies to defects at the manufacturer's end. This means you can only claim the warranty if the cover fails to fulfill its purpose or wears off earlier than expected. Any damage caused to the cover due to bird droppings, extreme weather conditions, or any wear or tear caused by the user is not subject to warranty.




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