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The best way to protect your Yamaha Kodiak 700 is to throw over an ATV cover that fits well. Here are the top 3 ATV covers for Yamaha Kodiak 700.

ATV covers are important to keep your ride's exterior safe. Even if parked under a shelter, dust can rest on your ATV's body and wear it out. Some of the best covers for your Yamaha Kodiak 700 include XYZCTEM Waterproof ATV Cover, LotFancy All Weather Waterproof ATV Cover, and IndeedBuy Waterproof ATV Cover.

ATV covers are a common way to keep your ATV's body from damage, including scratches, faded color, rust, and more. These covers are available with varying features. The main differences between covers are whether they are waterproof and breathable and how well they fit your ATV. A Yamaha Kodiak 700 is a large-sized ATV with a prolific look. It deserves a cover that suits its character well.

Fortunately, I have owned a Yamaha Kodiak for a couple of years, and there was nothing more I wished for than to keep my precious ATV safe and secure from the harmful elements in its surroundings. The covers mentioned in this guide are some options I can swear by due to my experience. This guide will also teach you the key considerations you need to make when buying an ATV cover. Without further ado, let's have a look!

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Top 3 Covers for Your Yamaha Kodiak 700

The covers mentioned in this section are not custom-made for a Yamaha Kodiak 700 ATV but are a universal size that fits well on any Yamaha model, and other makes alike. You might find a simple tarp and bungees a cheaper option for an ATV cover if you have to use it only a couple of times in a year. However, this won't protect your ATV from harsh conditions, and you will need a cover with robust year-round protection for most states in the US.

1. LotFancy All Weather Waterproof ATV Cover

First up on our list of the top 3 ATV covers for Yamaha Kodiak 700 is the LotFancy All Weather Waterproof ATV cover. The name itself depicts the waterproof quality that this cover offers. However, the cover has more to offer—excellent protection from dust, rain, snow, sun, wind, and mildew. In short, the LotFancy ATV cover offers the ultimate protection from all external elements and keeps your Yamaha Kodiak 700 in the best shape.

The best feature of this ATV cover is its material made from 300 Denier Oxford cloth. This material is tough and carved out in two layers. One of which is water-resistant and the other UV treated. You don't have to worry about your ATV's exterior discoloring under the sun or its metal parts gaining rust from water. Moreover, it has double-stitched reinforced seams that ensure the cover's longevity.

While many other ATV covers are claimed to protect your ATV in the heaviest rainfalls, you have to wait for such heavy rains and see how it performs. This cover backs the claim with proof as it has a 3000mm waterproof rating material, and the bottom is made from the 1000mm waterproof rating material. Moreover, the LotFancy covers include an elastic bottom which ensures the cover fits your Kodiak 700 snuggly. Even strong winds and storms fail to blow away the cover, keeping your ATV safe in the most challenging conditions.

Backed by over 1000 customer reviews on Amazon, the LotFancy cover has a 4.6-star rating and is one of the most popular universal covers in the market. Customers have praised the cover's ability to perform under rigid weather conditions, but there have been some complaints about its relatively thinner material even though it has double-stitched cloth and reinforced seams.

2. XYZCTEM Waterproof ATV Cover

The XZCTEM waterproof ATV cover is made from canvas material which keeps all kinds of liquid away from your ATV. Whether it's rain, water splashed, or snow, this cover is made with the strength to withstand all conditions, making it one of the best ATV covers for your Yamaha Kodiak 700. With its ultra UV-resistant material, you can leave your Kodiak 700 parked outside, and it will keep looking fresh as the day you bought it.

The size of this ATV cover holds a versatile utility feature that allows it to fit on an extensive list of ATVs. That does not mean it will be hanging on the floor, collecting dirt and pollutants. The tie-down elastic straps help in keeping the cover tight on your ATV. Whether you want to use your ATV on a trailer or haul it on a truck, the elastic straps will keep the cover tight and protect your ATV from winds, dust, snow, and sun.

Although the users find this cover useful for year-round weather, it is not as heavy-duty as other covers. The cover can protect your ATV from light to moderate conditions. However, it will wear out quickly if used often during harsh rain or blizzards. Moreover, some users have complained about the cover being too thin and too large for their ATVs. However, for a cover that you can get at this price with these qualities, it's up to you whether you want the cover to fit in your ATV's shape or you can work with some loose fabric.

3. IndeedBuy Waterproof ATV Cover

For anyone looking for an ATV cover with robust protection, durability, and a wide range of features at a low price, the IndeedBuy Waterproof ATV cover may be the perfect option. The cover is upgraded with a 420D oxford cloth which is thicker, durable, and protects your ATV from all harmful elements, including dirt, debris, rain, snow, sun, wind, and mildew.

If not dried instantly, rain and water splashes can harm your ATV's body. However, the IndeedBuy waterproof ATV cover consists of a waterproof layer that is fully capable of keeping water away from your ATV's exterior. I have washed this cover with a power hose, and it is safe to say that it doesn't rip and doesn't let the water anywhere near my ATV. The interior of this ATV cover consists of an Anti-UV silver coating which keeps the harmful UV rays from damaging your ATV's exterior.

Best of all, this cover comes with a convenient storage bag so you can store it safely and carry it with you when you're off camping or hunting. While the elastic borders hold the ATV tightly, preventing the wind from blowing it away, customers have complained about the lack of adjusting straps for better fitting and reliability. For that reason, it is not recommended to use this cover during storms or when hauling your ride on highways.

Due to its long list of features, this cover has a staggering 4.5-star rating out of 5 by over 2900 customer reviews. With those numbers, how can I not include this cover in one of the top 3 covers for your Yamaha Kodiak 700? Moreover, this cover comes with a one-year warranty and an Amazon return guarantee. It will not harm trying all that comfort at such a low price. Check the cover out on Amazon starting only from $27.97.

Key Considerations to Make When Buying an ATV Cover

The main factors to consider when buying an ATV cover include:

Waterproof Ability

You should always choose a cover that can protect your ATV from water at the very least. Water can cause metal parts to rust and the body to wear out, leaving a less than satisfactory ATV. Even if your ATV is mostly parked in a garage, there can be roof leaks in the mid-winter, affecting your ATV's body.

A good waterproof cover also includes air vents to allow breathability, so the mildew or moisture does not settle on your ATV.


An ATV cover should neither be over-size nor be too tight. An oversized ATV cover will hang around collecting dirt and mud from the ground, shortening its lifespan. It can also allow moisture-filled air to sneak in, exposing your ATV to rust and wear. A cover too tight will not fit your ATV, leaving some parts exposed, defying the purpose of covering your ATV. As universal covers are not custom made to a particular ATV's size, you should get a cover slightly oversized with straps and elastic hems so you can mount it tightly.

UV Protection

It's a pain to park your ATV in the garage multiple times in the day when you use it often, or worse – if you don't have a garage. Leaving your ATV outdoors is convenient, but the sun's harmful UV rays can feast on your ATV's exterior, leaving it to wear out quickly. You will need a cover that is anti-UV. The best UV-treated covers have a silver coating that not only keeps the harmful rays from damaging the body but also reflects the rays, keeping your ATV cool.


You will want a cover that solves your need to protect your ATV from harmful elements for a long time. Man covers offer effective protection but is not a long-term partner for your ATV. You should buy a durable cover by ensuring it has reinforced seams and is double-stitched.




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