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If you are riding an ATV you want to keep yourself safe. Protect your head with one of the best ATV helmets on the market.

Krios helmet has versatile designs, Arai offers ease and convenience, and Scorpion XD ensures comfort. But which of these helmets is the best? While these ATV helmets have their specs and features, you have several other helmet options to make ATV-riding safer for you and your loved ones.

Helmets are essential to ensure safety and prevent head injuries if you have an accident, especially when riding All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs). I learned the importance of wearing helmets the hard way as I was in a serious ATV accident a few years back. You can put yourself at risk if you aren’t careful enough and do not have a durable ATV helmet. There are approximately 135,000 ATV accidents in the US, which result in nearly 300-400 deaths per year. One-third of these riders are less than 16 years old.

Hence, settling for anything but the best can cost you your life. So, I have compiled a list of the best ATV helmets for you. Keep in mind that most of the helmets on this list have quality certification, which makes them an ideal pick for your ATV safety gear. So, let us begin without further ado.

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Top 10 ATV Helmets to Buy in 2023

Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet with Transitions Lens ECE/DOT 2X Stealth Matte Black

Krios is one of the best options for you if you are looking for a sleek and stylish ATV helmet that guarantees maximum protection against impact and accidents. The helmet has hand-lain carbon fiber, which makes it a durable and worthy option for your ATV helmet collection.

You probably have a good idea how annoying a heavy helmet can get during long vehicle rides. Fortunately, the Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet with Transitions Lens ECE/DOT 2X is one of the lightest ATV helmet options available in the North American region. It also reduces the noise intensity to a great degree.

Anyone can wear this helmet, and it is available in four different modes – street racing, adventure racing, trail, and dirt. So, this is a versatile ATV helmet option on my list. If you are looking for a helmet for off-road and on-road safety without compromising on quality, get yourself a Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet today!


  • Four different riding modes
  • Sleek Carbon Fiber Design
  •  Lightweight, comfortable wearing
  •  Highly Aerodynamic


  • Limited stock available
  • Difficult to maintain

Arai XD4 Helmet

The first Arai XD helmet came out in 2006, and I have been a fan of their designs and helmet features since day one. Arai has truly outdone itself with the latest XD4 helmet as it comes with several updated features. People investing their money in this helmet get everything, from an aerodynamic superiority to exhaust vents, which makes it my personal favorite.

ATV riders get an extra cheek pad release system in case of an emergency that provides additional protection to your jaw if you get into an accident. I love how they focused on the overall protection and coverage in this design that many of the most expensive helmets miss out on. It is a highly affordable helmet when you consider its safety features and is consistently a top choice in all the research that I did from my end on these helmets

Arai covered all major helmet factors, but there is one consistent customer complaint that I saw in these helmets, i.e., noise. It is not the kind of helmet you would want to buy if you like riding at high speeds. However, you can add some earplugs to your safety gear and comfortably ride your vehicle with this helmet.


  • Fully washable interior
  • Easily removable
  •  A compact shell shape for maximum comfort
  • Emergency cheek release system


  • Noisy helmet
  • Rider may need extra earplugs

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Neocon Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

The Scorpion helmet is a great option for riders like me who do not like distractions when riding their ATVs. Scorpion helmets focus on two major elements, i.e. ventilation and visor fog.

I have to deal with frozen fog on my visor, especially when I ride in cold weather, and nothing is more annoying. The EXO-AT950 has a mouth that lets users shift its position and let the cold air out. Position 2 acts like a vent and a defroster to keep your ATV rides easy, which I think is the best feature. It also has a shield-changing system called the Ellip-Tec Ratchet System.


  • LG Polycarbonate shell for lightweight, durable helmet
  • Intake vents to avoid foggy visors
  • Ellip-Tec Ratchet System for max protection
  • Multi-layer EPS for maximum energy displacement


  • Size limitation
  • Loose helmet will let cold air in

LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult Off-Road-Helmet-Style Adventure

LS2 Unisex helmets impressed me as they are an affordable option and suitable for men and women alike. You can easily get one of these helmets for under $200.

It comes with a built-in sunscreen and easily fits any goggles you want to use with it, coupled with a quick-release system that truly won my heart. I know it is not very flashy, nor does it rule out noisy rides very well, but it still gets the job done pretty well.

Keep in mind that noise is still a concern with these helmets. Also, I couldn’t find a helmet size option larger than the standard one.


  • Wide Eye-port
  • Built-in sunscreen
  • Quick-release system DOT approved
  • Comfortable. Stylish design


  • Higher chance of noise inside the helmet
  • Harder to find the right size

Core Helmets MX-1 Off-Road Helmet

Core Helmets understand that simplicity is the key when it comes to helmet designs, and this is what I loved the most about the MX-1 Off-Road Helmet. I could not find any frills with these helmets, but you still get an adjustable visor.

Users can adjust the visor to three different positions as per their preference and control ventilation inside the helmet. The helmet meets the DOT standards and still provides necessary protection to ATV enthusiasts like me. I recommend this helmet if you are a beginner to ATV riding to make your experience safer.


  • Injection-molded plastic
  • Single front and rear vents
  • Removable interior for easy cleaning
  • DOT standards approved


  • Limited size options available
  • Comes with a fragile carrying bag

Motorcycle Motocross ATV Helmet

The Motorcycle Motocross ATV helmet is a personal favorite for ATV riders like me because it can withstand several accident impacts, and you can use it for years. I love how this helmet meets the DOT standards and provides overall face protection to ATV users. I know this helmet isn’t as fancy as compared to the other helmets on my list, but it is still a commendable option for ATV riders. You have to change the safety pads provided in this helmet often.


  • Meets the FMVSS218 standards
  • Quick visor change option
  • Quick pad changing
  •  Adjustable ventilation system


  • Safety pads need frequent changing
  • Not visually as appealing as other options

Typhoon Adult Offroad Helmet & Goggles Gear Combo

I wanted to add a helmet option that was affordable and also provided a pair of free goggles with it. I did find other options, but none of them came with complimentary goggles. The Typhoon Adult Offroad helmet is still a great option as it provides solid impact protection to ATV riders who love to throttle their vehicles to the maximum.

 I think it’s fairly difficult to find the right-sized helmet in this model, but it is still worth considering if you think of its features. You get all these amazing perks under $100, which is certainly not a bad deal to make. This isn’t a top helmet option compared to other helmets on the list, as you may have trouble with finding the right size fitting. Also, the goggles can be uncomfortable for some riders.


  • Simple design
  • DOT qualified design
  • Pair of free goggles for safety gear
  •  Affordable price


  • Goggles may get scratches easily
  • Some riders may find goggles uncomfortable

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black, Large

Fuel knows how to make simple and affordable designs and manufacture safer and lighter versions of helmets. The helmet comes with vents that help deal with fog efficiently by providing comfortable airflow throughout the helmet. I also loved how Fuel added a well-designed quick release system that I was unable to find in other pocket-friendly helmet options.

 You do not have to worry about the DOT or FYMSS standards because the Fuel helmets meet them all, according to my research. While life safety doesn’t have a price, I believe this helmet doesn’t cost much as compared to its functions. For this reason, I think beginners can buy this helmet if they aren’t sure which one to choose.

Riders don’t get a tinted visor with this helmet, and the top vents can become loose soon, which produces a whistling sound inside unless the helmet is closed.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Quick-release shield
  • Maximum airflow through dual vents
  • Light thermoplastic shell


  • Loose top vents and Whistling sound inside the helmet
  • Non-tinted visor

Motocross ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

I have a large collection of different helmets for my ATV, but I have to admit that the ATV Motocross helmets are one of the best options for users with all kinds of protection needs. Anyone who thinks that this helmet is girls-only needs to reconsider their judgment since the helmet comes with the best safety measures in this budget range.

The Combo 189 has a pink color, but that shouldn’t really be a problem since men can wear pink. I agree that not all boys may find the right size that fits their head; it’s still a good helmet option if you have a medium to small face.

These helmets come with a pair of gloves and safety goggles which may not last very long, but they are still a good addition to your safety gear, especially if you are new to ATVs. The helmet is lightweight and is not too expensive, which makes it an ideal pick for new ATV riders. It’s a good choice considering the features it provides with a stylish look.


  • Provides goggles and gloves
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Washable interior lining
  • Quality overall protection


  • Comes in vibrant colors only
  • Limited size options

6D ATR -2 Helmet

6D helmets are among the few brands that focus on shearing loads, energy management, materials used, and compressions. I think they have managed to make a good name for themselves in a short time. The 6D ATR-2 helmet comes with an Omni Directional Suspension, which is an active suspension system with a kinetic energy management design.

It helps reduce the risk of concussions if the rider gets into an accident and provides impact protection. The helmet ensures smooth performance and minimizes the effects of linear and angular impacts. It also has isolation dampers between the dual EPS layers.

What’s more, the helmet offers an air gap ventilation system for a cool and airy ATV ride. I also see an awesome visor design in this helmet, and it is an ultra-light helmet option in the market that is also easily rebuildable. While the ATR-2 helmet is DOT and EDE certified, it is still a fairly noisy helmet. So, you may need to use earplugs to enjoy a smooth ride. Moreover, 6D helmets are not tested or certified by Snell.


  • ODS technology
  •  Multiple Vents and ports
  • Stylish visor
  • Emergency release cheek pads


  • Fairly noisy
  • Requires extra earplugs

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