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America truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Do you have the courage to take on the 25 top ATV riding trails in the US?

From the great dunes of California to our magnificent National Parks, the wide open rock plains of Utah and Washington's Capitol forest, the experience of these trails will bring you closer and deeper into the heart of America.

Discover the incredible beauty of the landscape and the wildlife and explore your ultimate freedom and in the immense variety of landscapes that can only be found across the US. Maybe, you will stumble across some hidden gems that will leave an indelible impression on your life.

As we take you on this journey over some of the most incredible ATV riding, let your imagination take flight as we rev up the engines and gear up for an exploration of our country akin to the legendary Expedition of Discover of Lewis and Clark!

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The Arizona Peace Trail

Spanning an impressive 675 miles of trails, the Arizona Peace Trail connects the three counties of La Paz, Yuma, and Mohave.

It was developed as an initiative to create a trail loop in 2014 by the Arizona Peace Trail Committee to give avid ATV and other off-road explorers an incredible adventure experience.

This trail offers plenty of small towns and historical sites along the way and camping or accommodation, and many of the towns are accessible by ATV. Taking you through the remote deserts of Yuma up to the snow-covered mountains outside Kingman, this trail provides and casts a contrast of landscape for the ATV enthusiast.

This trail would be for moderate to advanced riders and is not recommended for the novice.

Aroostook County ATV Trails

This incredible set of trails in Aroostook County in Northern Maine offers more than 1000 miles of what many rides call a true off-road paradise! If you have always wanted to see Maine from the ground but haven't yet done it – now is the time!

With the terrain offering every kind of challenge from hills to mud and woods, this trail system loop is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders to improve their skills while taking in some of the splendor of natural beauty.

Best of all, the riding is free, and with the more temperate climate from the end of April to late October, you can enjoy the adventure without the oppressive heat and stay alert for wildlife!

Beasley Knob Trail

Beasley Knob Trail is located in the magnificent Chattahoochee National Forest in Georgia, and is usually open from mid-March through December. This is a trail that will test out your ATV skills to the limit!

This is a 10.6-mile trail that will get your adrenaline pumping with its hilly climbs, rocks, and water crossings and is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders who want to test the mettle of machine and man against the steep ascents and rugged terrain.

Bighorn National Forest

If you ever wanted to go straight from your room to the trail and spend your day exploring one of the great forests in America, then Bighorn National Forest is your next ATV destination!

With over 1200 miles of free-to-ride trails and open to all skill levels, you will never ride the same route twice, and the incredible size and variety of trails and terrain will take you on a new adventure every day!

Ideal for group rides and with mountain views, immense grasslands, and wildlife, and since most of the on-site resorts are ATV/ OHV friendly, why not plan a mini-vacation in this idyllic part of Wyoming?

Black Hills National Forest

It seems Wyoming has a few gems for ATV trails, and the trail loops in Black Hills National Forest are certainly one of them! A real family-orientated outdoor adventure playground with everything from hiking to fishing and swimming.

With more than 35 campsites, Black Hills offers the ATV ride a superb array of terrain from easy-riding lush meadows to the challenges of rock climbing and a few historic mining sites along the way!

Featuring more than 1250 miles of waterways, 11 reservoirs, and 13000 acres of pristine forest, no wonder the Black Hills National Forest is a magnet for American adventurers!

Brimstone Recreation Area

Kicking back and cutting loose are four words every ATV enthusiast loves to hear! Located in Northeast Tennessee, with over 300 miles of trails through the heart of Appalachia, Brimstone Recreation Area is a jewel of ATV adventure for riders of all levels!

Rivers, mountains, and breathtaking views will make this a destination you will want to return to!  Take a trip through time and visit historic Rugby and maybe stay over a night and then come sun-up, saddle up and spend the day exploring the Appalachian wilderness.

Brocke Creek Lake Trails

If the smell of hickory, pine, and oak trees get your juices ATV juices flowing, then head out to the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime! Brocke Creek Lake Trails have some 42 miles of riding trails.

With a combination of rough and easy trails, a few days spent camping and riding will reinvigorate your spirit, and for a treat, park the ATV and jump on horseback for a slower experience to take in the glory of the scenery.

Brocke Creek is free, but you need to bring your own water!

Capitol Forest

Western Washington is our next stop, and Capitol Forest is our next ATV destination. Open from May 1 to November 30, over 80 miles of forest trails await you! The trails here are well looked after, and the scenery from the Rock Candy and Waddell Basin will remind you why you love ATV trail riding!

The cooler forest climate and many campgrounds make it easy to stay for a day or a weekend but be prepared as the weather changes rapidly and makes the trails much more challenging.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

The sand on those dunes is between 10 000 and 15 000 years old! That's already a reason to pack up your ATV and head out to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in southern Utah.

The Navajo sandstone formations, sand trails, juniper, pinion pine trees, and more than 1200 miles of trails are rated as one of the best ATV riding destinations in the USA. If you enjoy playing in the sand, then the 2000 acres of it should get your heart racing!

With steep dunes to test advanced skills and a mix of easy-riding and intermediate-level trails, Coral Pink has something for everyone!

Croom Trails, Withlacoochee State Forest

Wetlands, tight scrub, and some shaded, smooth groomed trails have made Croom Trails in Florida a top ATV destination for off-road adventure.

Fifty miles of trails and sandy hills from the abandoned mines offer excitement and challenge for advanced riders with a 50-acre sand bowl to play in and fenced circle tracks for novice riders to improve their skills; Croom Trails brings the best of all worlds to the ATV enthusiast.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Open all year round, and with more than 750 miles of trails, you could spend a week there and never get bored!

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System (HMT) is one of the most well-known and popular destinations for ATV riders in the US, and their annual National Trailfest turns the town of Gilbert into the Sturgis for ATVs!

With trails for beginners to advanced and incredible scenery takes riders through the Appalachian Mountains and brings unique riding experiences with each of its eight trails. This is one set of trails you want to visit and experience for yourself!

Imperial Sand Dunes

If epic sand-dune riding is your calling, look no further than Southern California's most popular ATV destination – Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as Glamis, is where you want to be!

These dunes have appeared in Star Wars, The Scorpion King, and who wouldn't want to test their ATV skills on world-famous dunes like these? This is the largest mass of dunes in the USA, with some 20 000 acres of pure exhilaration just waiting for you!

Offering rides for every level, the park is open all year round, but summer heat is prohibitive, so pick cooler times to go and play!

Little O Trail

There are few better trails for beginners than the Little O Trail in the Huron-Manistee Forest in Michigan. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the 41 miles of hills, woods, and sand are a perfect setting, plus it's free.

Bridge crossings, tight berms, and inspiring views through the forest make this trail one not to be overlooked, and it also connects with hundreds of miles of other trails so you can find your skill level.

Mill Creek Trails

Heading back to Ozark National Forest, you will find the Mill Creek Trail System and has something for every rider! Hills, rocks, sand, and spectacular waterfalls and rock formations take you through the remote areas of the Ozark Forest.

Almost 50 miles of interconnecting loops means you can make your ride as long or short as you like, and experience various levels of riding adventure.

Moab – Utah

The splendor of canyons, vast parks, and red rock trails, and majestic rock arches spark your ATV imagination, then head to one of the most famous off-road adventure destinations in the USA.

Moab is a site for every ATV rider, offering challenging technical climbs, obstacles, and descents to the flatter, more accessible trails for beginners and intermediate riders.

Their annual Rally On The Rocks event is not missed and brings off-road enthusiasts in their crowds! The town of Moab is well adapted to off-road users and has plenty of accommodation, stores, and campsites.

Ocala National Forest Trail System

With three different main riding areas, the Florida Ocala National Forest Trail System offers a new, slower-paced riding experience as the trails are made for slower speeds and are primarily for beginners with some moderate climbs and twists on the way.

This is so that you can take in the incredible views as well as protect the wildlife environment. The trails are open all year round and with more than 600 lakes, springs, and rivers, and since the riding areas aren't connected, you have unique experiences waiting for you with every ride!

Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach)

Oceano Dunes, formerly known as Pismo Beach, has 1500 acres of pristine beach and sits along California's central coast; and provides family entertainment, riding, camping, swimming, and beach time.

While not as high or expansive as Glamis,  but that doesn't detract from finding a bowl and riding the hell out of it! There are camping and accommodation sites close by with amenities, and the cool temperatures make this an all-year-round destination!

Oregon Dunes

Known for its wind-sculpted dunes with some rising more than 500ft above sea level, Oregon Dunes is the most extensive stretch of coastal dunes in the USA!

Think about the pure thrill of taking on a 500-foot dune on your ATV and spending time exploring this immense area that can extend up to 2,5 miles inland.

Whether you opt for only the dunes or take a ride through the coastal meanders lined with shore pine, Oregon Dunes should undoubtedly be a top item on your bucket list!

Paiute ATV Trails

This is the most extensive system of ORV trails in the USA and has been ranked top ATV destination multiple times! The Paiute ATV Trail System offers various riding experiences, from heavily forested landscapes, bogs, and flat trails to elevations of more than 11 000 feet!

While this is more of a chilled ride, the extensive network of trails is almost neverending, and if getting lost in the more than 1500 miles of side roads appeals to your nature, then Paiute is the destination for you!

There is plenty of camping and other accommodation sites, while some of the best ATV jamborees can be found there too!

Poison Spider Mesa

No discussion on the best ATV destination could be without Poison Spider Mesa! This accessible trailhead is NOT for beginners and offers advanced riders some of the most challenging terrains in the Moab system.

While only 13.5 miles long, this may seem short, but the tricky ledges, steep rocky climbs make this a harrowing adventure and not to be taken lightly! But for those riders with the courage, the scenery that awaits you is breathtakingly beautiful!

Ride Royal Blue

Found in the heart of Tennesse's Cumberland Mountains, Ride Royal Blue offers 600 miles of ATV paradise with trails for beginners and, for the more advanced riders, have some technically challenging trails as well.

The beautiful trails that wind through the mountains offer spectacular views as well as wildlife. The Ride Roya Blue ATV Resort and Campground is family-friendly and great to create lifetime memories!

The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park

Located in Springville, Alabama, the Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park offers 35 miles of trails, all rated and marked for difficulty. This adventure park also boasts some of the most technical riding in the South Eastern USA, so brush up on your skills before heading there!

There are also motocross tracks as well as kids-only tracks, and a pee-wee track for beginners! Ridge offers accommodation options as well as plenty of outdoor activities if you want a break from riding.

Sawtooth National Forest

Home of the legendary Baumgartner trails, the Sawtooth National Forest boasts an impressively extensive range of trails! There is a single word to describe this area and that is EPIC because the forest trails here are simply incredible!

The trails are great fun to ride, and intermediate riders should have no trouble tackling them head-on! The best time to ride is July, August, and September. The Baumgartner campground (although remote) is very popular and offers easy access to the trails.

St. Joe State Park

Nestled in Park Hills, Missouri, St. Joe offers 2000 acres of pure excitement and adventure with forest trails, sand, gravel rocks, water crossings, and a good amount of mud with some challenging hills for intermediate riders.

St. Joe is a super summer destination for ATV riders from all over the USA. The Finger Lakes State Park is also accessible and adds another 1000 acres of exquisite trails.

There are campgrounds near the riding area for easy trail access.

Tall Pines ATV Park

Located just two hours from Rochester, New York, Tall Pines ATV Park offers the avid New York ATV enthusiast 70 miles of groomed trails and is one of the biggest trail parks in the North East.

Offering some genuinely muddy bogs and an obstacle course to test your skills to the limit, Tall Pines is suitable for riders of all ages and abilities, and with cabin accommodation, it is a great family destination.

If getting muddy, dirty, and having loads of fun is your idea of a good day out, then Tall Pines is the place to go!




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