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Your ATV lives a tough life between dirt, debris, and ever-changing environmental conditions. Read on to know more about the best material for ATV covers.

From cotton and nylon to polyester and canvas, ATV covers are made from various materials. Though cotton and canvas keep debris off, they offer limited protection against the elements. Nylon and polyester ATV covers provide maximum protection against wear and tear, climatic changes, and UV rays.

While Oxford fabric is tough, if not treated with care, even the best ATV covers can disintegrate in a matter of months. Therefore, if you are looking for the best indoor ATV covers, invest in the nylon and cotton covers, as they will provide you with all the safety measures within your budget range. However, when opting for outdoor ATV covers, choose the one manufactured from a combination of polyester, nylon and canvas as they can withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, an ATV cover made from multiple polyester layers will do a better job of protecting against water damage than an ATV cover made using a single layer of plastic.

According to my analysis, the best materials for an ATV cover is the one that guarantees waterproofing, and weather protection, and comes with an elasticized hem. Moreover, to make the cover more functional and easy to use, ATV covers should comprise additional tie-down straps, quick-release buckles and shielded vents.

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5 Best ATV Covers in the Market

Whether you park your ATV in the shade or hide it in the garage, it should be protected from all kinds of threats including those posed by animals, dust, bad weather and debris, at all costs. Only investing in an ATV cover made from high-quality and durable materials can save you from future repair expenses and protect your ATV in all conditions. Read on to learn about the top 5 ATV covers available in the market.

1. Classic Accessories QuadGear ATV Deluxe Storage Cover

If you are looking for an indoor ATV cover, the Classic QuadGear ATV Deluxe Storage Cover is among the best out there. Made from highly water-resistant ProtekX3 fabric, the ATV cover features easy-to-access and easy-to-install designs like rear-rack access doors, elastic cord hem and zippered panels. While this has all the best materials for ATV cover (indoors) due to its tension panels, adjustable straps and air vents, the Classic Accessories QuadGear ATV Deluxe Storage can also be used for trailering.

Available in multiple sizes, the Classic Accessories QuadGear ATV Deluxe Storage comes with a price tag of $90. The ATV cover is water-resistant and weatherproof. It also comes with a storage bag and weighs approximately 5 pounds, making it one of the most easy-to-carry ATV covers.

2. Indeedbuy Waterproof ATV Cover

Another popular option in the list of affordable ATV covers is the Indeedbuy Waterproof ATV Cover. Manufactured from 420D Oxford fabric, the ATV cover features PVC-polyvinyl chloride for all-weather protection, waterproof, and UV protective coating.

Available at an affordable price of $25, the Indeedbuy Waterproof ATV Cover comes in two universal sizes. Both the Indeedbuy Waterproof ATV Cover types weigh 2 pounds and feature an elastic hem and storage bag. Not only this, but the flexible fabric makes it possible to use the Indeedbuy Waterproof ATV cover with a trailer. To top it off, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3. CarCovers.com: Weatherproof Shield ATV Cover

CarCovers.com is renowned for manufacturing high-quality ATV covers. Not only do they use the best materials for ATV covers, such as heavy-duty 600D waterproof fabric, but all of their ATV covers have double-stitched seams, making them weatherproof and water-resistant. The ATV cover’s easy-to-use zipper panel creates convenience in accessing the gas tank and storage.

Strategically well-equipped with a drawstring, a partially elastic bottom and multiple buckles and straps,  CarCovers.com’s Weatherproof Shield ATV Cover makes transporting ATVs on the highway safe and convenient. With a price tag of $140, the ATV is one of the most premium custom-fit picks. It also features a storage bag, rear and front elastic hem for rear cinch and a 10 year warranty.

4. Best Value: LotFancy All-Weather Waterproof ATV Cover

Looking for the most reliable yet affordable ATV cover? The LotFancy All-Weather Waterproof ATV Cover has got you covered. Made from heavy-duty 300D nylon with double-stitched seams, the AVT cover offers maximum snow and rain protection. Moreover, the two flexible air vents make it one of the only ATV covers that can safeguard your all-terrain vehicle from mildew or mold without compromising on water resistance.

Manufactured using waterproof materials, the LotFancy All-Weather Waterproof ATV Cover is available in three sizes and costs between $25-$30. It also features securing straps, elastic hem and weighs only 2 to 3 pounds. The pocket-friendly AVT cover comes with a one-year warranty .

5. Best Overall: Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover

Manufactured from 300D polyester fabric with taped seams, the Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover is built to last. The reinforced seams work effectively in preventing the ATV cover from leaking and keeping it 100-percent dry. Not only this, but Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover’s zipper access panel and compatible trailer hauling facility make it the top buyer each.

Comprising all the best materials for ATV cover, the Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover is available in three sizes and costs between $70 and $95. Weighing between 4 to 6 pounds, the Moto Ultimate ATV Cover also features; reflective strips for low-light visibility, adjustable wind straps, a storage bag,  and an elastic hem. Lastly, it also comes with a three-year warranty.

FAQ: Best Materials for ATV cover

When investing in ATV covers, always remember to opt for the ones manufactured from reliable, durable and high-quality materials. Ask yourself the following questions before finalizing your purchase.

Q: Where do you park your ATV?

A: If you store your ATV outside, opt for the ATV cover manufacturing materials that protect against extreme weather conditions and feature reinforced seams, 100% waterproof fabric, UV coating and adjustable straps. The best material for ATV cover (outdoor) includes premium-quality polyester, sun protection from synthetically treated fabrics and polyurethane coating for water resistance. On the other hand, the best materials for ATV cover (indoors) are made from a mixture of canvas and cotton layers. This is a breathable fabric that protects your ATV from mildew from trapped moisture, provides you with water-resistance and safeguards your ATV from overheating.

Q: How long will you hold on to your ATV?

A: As stated earlier, though a few ATV covers generally come with a warranty of 5 to 10 years, there are others that come with no manufacturer warranty to begin with. Therefore, if you are planning to own an ATV for a long time, invest in durable ATV covers that come with a manufacturer’s warranty, saving you from unnecessary expenses in the future.

Q: What is the size of your ATV?

A: Depending on what brand your ATV is, ATV covers are available in all sizes. The three common sizes are semi-custom sizes, universal sizes and vehicle-specific sizes. Always buy the ATV cover keeping the size and design of your all-terrain vehicle in mind.






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