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Mudding on an ATV is a ton of fun and everybody should try it, but the clean-up afterward can be tricky if the proper precautions are not taken.

Taking your ATV through the mud can cause serious wear and tear if it is not treated correctly. The best way to prepare your ATV for the mud is with bigger tires and a spray-on chemical that promotes non-stick. Some of the best options to consider include dielectric grease, WD-40, and Mudslinger.

When you're out on a trail, a lot of things can happen to your ATV so it is smart to protect your machine from mud exposure as best as you can. There are a couple of different options to consider to create a non-stick finish on the exterior of your ATV to avoid mud building up. These tools can be used in critical areas to avoid corrosion too.

If you have spent time mudding on an ATV, you understand the risks that exist in front of you. Using the tips listed in this guide beforehand will save you a lot of time afterward when it is time to wash your machine.  

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What to Put on ATV Before Mudding

ATVs are built to enjoy off-road terrains like mud. They can drive with accuracy to provide excellent adventure along with reliable traction for safe handling. But they tend to get extremely dirty if they are not treated properly before a mud exploration.

When it comes to equipment, make sure you purchase high-quality tires for your ATV before heading out into the mud. There are also chemicals and cleaning supplies you can use on your ATV that will help it stay clean during your ride.

Mud and dirt have a way of sticking to ATVs and cars. It can cause damage to the car and the machine. As such, it is important to ensure that your ATV is clean before you hit the mud and you can use these four tips to make the cleanup even easier after your ride.

1. Bigger Tires

One of the keys to staying clean and gaining better traction in the mud is to find a way that you can get your machine to stay balanced at all times. This is where bigger tires on your ATV come into play.

Upgraded tires tend to have self-cleaning capabilities too specifically designed for mud driving. They are able to clean treads as you ride so you never get stuck and the aftermath is not as messy as you would expect.

2. Dielectric Grease

If you want to prepare your ATV for mudding, you need to use the dielectric grease so mud is less likely to stick as heavily and you can enjoy a smooth ride. The grease has a unique composition that provides lubrication and anti-stick properties.

This helps with scratches, gouges, and other issues too. It also repels dirt well which means it makes the work of cleaning after riding much easier as well as helping reduce oil consumption.

This grease is an inexpensive product that is easy to apply to your ATV. You can add this grease to critical areas like the electrical connections on your machine so they are not subject as much to mud exposure too.

3. WD-40

WD-40 is a versatile product that can be applied in many different ways. Its most popular use for ATVs is as a lubricant and anti-stick agent so you can enjoy the off-road muddy terrain without worrying about too much of a mess.

WD-40 can be sprayed onto the moving parts of your ATV and will help prevent mud from sticking. This works best on exposed areas on your ATV like the throttle or brake levers because these need to stay as clean as possible for safer driving.

4. Mudslinger

Mudslinger is a spray product that dries and prevents dirt and debris from sticking to ATVs after they get dirty or muddy. It can be applied to the treads, wheels, and handlebars of ATVs by spraying them for quick use.

This product was created to provide better traction on slippery surfaces so riders can enjoy their outdoor experience without worrying about getting injured or stuck in the mud. It also makes the removal of mud after riding much easier to keep your equipment in better condition.

What Happens If Mud Sticks to My ATV?

Mud is a hazard that you cannot avoid and it is inevitable to get stuck with mud on your ATV. If you do experience this, it is best to try and wash it off as soon as you can after you have finished riding.

If you leave mud stuck to your ATV for extended periods, it could stain or cause damages depending on where the mud is. However, if your vehicle is immobile and/or submerged in deep mud, it is best to call for help as soon as possible.

While tires of ATVs can be worn down quickly by riding in areas with dirt and mud, it is important to take the necessary precautions while riding your ATV. If you leave dirt or mud on your ATV, you run the risk of the surfaces eroding.

The best thing you can do after each ride is to perform a thorough cleaning to get your ATV back into perfect condition. You can follow the steps below to properly clean your ATV so it is ready for the next mudding adventure.

How To Clean an ATV After Mudding

ATVs are a lot of fun to ride and enjoy the outdoors. However, they don't stay clean for long and can turn into a muddy mess if you don't take precautions.

One thing you can do is to use a high-pressure hose to rinse your ATV down immediately after mudding. This will help remove the mud without any scrubbing required. This is the best way to wash an ATV and typically yields the best results for removing hard-to-reach areas.

1. Allow ATV to Cool Down

One of the most important safety precautions is to allow the ATV to cool down for at least 30 minutes before you start washing it. This will prevent any parts from getting too hot and causing damage to your ATV.

2. Use a Mallet to Remove Large Chunks of Mud

Sometimes, you need to remove large chunks of mud that are getting in the way of your ATV. The best way to do this is with a large mallet.

Always use caution when removing mud from an ATV. Be careful not to knock dirt into other parts of the machine. If dirt gets stuck on your front tire, use a mallet to remove it before driving off.

3. Use a Hose or Pressure Washer to Rinse the ATV

The most effective method is to rinse the ATV with a pressure washer or hose. If you use a pressure washer, try to lower the pressure and avoid critical areas that should avoid over-exposure to water flow.

4. Wipe Down ATV With Soapy Water

After using the pressure washer, you should always wipe down your ATV with soap and water to reach the hard-to-see places. This is the best way to clean the critical areas without damaging the machine.

5. Rinse and Dry ATV

After you finish washing the ATV, you can use a hose to rinse it and wipe it down to dry after. You can also let it sit for a while and dry down on its own.




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