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Are you wondering, "Where can I buy a used ATV?" Buying a used ATV can be good. But only if you get it from the right place and the whole rig checks out.

The best bet is your local dealer. They cannot afford to sell faulty second hand ATVs. So, you can be sure of the quality and reliability. Other than that, you should check out websites selling used ATVs, rental services, online forums and social media groups, and auctions.

Admittedly, finding the right secondhand ATV can be challenging. You might end up overpaying for a piece of junk. On the flip side, you may get lucky and go home with the perfect off-roader at a reasonable price. This piece will take the “luck” element out of it by telling you EXACTLY where to look for the right secondhand ATV.

The options listed in this piece are good places to begin your hunt for an all-terrain vehicle. They have been compiled after gathering the opinions of ardent ATV enthusiasts, conducting in-depth research using different online and offline sources, and having detailed discussions with ATV dealership personnel.

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What Are the Best Places to Buy a Used ATV?

Following are the go-to places for many ATV lovers who want a second hand four-wheeler.

Local Dealerships

ATV dealerships are similar to those you normally see for cars and trucks.There’s plenty of variety, and you can even sell used vehicles at many of them. Also, there will be less likelihood of your chosen machine causing problems later.

If issues arise after you start using it, a dealership would be more open to taking another look at the vehicle. Since these places actively work on their customer relationships, you can rest easy knowing that the ATV can be taken back for an examination if something is wrong.

Remember to ask for used ATVs when you visit a dealership specifically. Sometimes, they aren’t displayed prominently, and you’d probably need a sales rep to show you around. Moreover, if you don’t find anything useful, you can always convey your requirements to the sales team. That way, they’ll keep an eye out for any vehicle coming in that matches what you need.

Used ATV Websites

There are usually more options available at used ATV websites than you expect. Following are some places where you’ll find lots of variety.

You can also use different filters on these websites to zero in on the kind of ATVs that match your requirements. Since the vehicle listings are usually from around the country, the filters will help you narrow down the search to your town, city, state, or some other preferred area.

Of course, you can always hit the road in case your preferred ATV is up for sale in a different city, county, or state.

Good deals can also be found on Craigslist. However, we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re new to the ATV-shopping game. Unless you know what you’re doing, try this one at the end. This is because, while there might be a wide variety of options, you’ll probably have no idea about the seller. And experienced buyers will be better able to tell if the seller behind a particular listing seems genuine or fraudulent.

Rental Services

ATV rental services purchase new machines and sell the older ones periodically to keep up with the latest technological advancements and ensure customer safety. Since they’re required to update all stock regularly, you can find detailed info on every vehicle that they might have up for sale.

Although the miles are usually stacked up on these vehicles, rental services keep them in decent operating condition while maintaining acceptable safety standards. Moreover, they’re also willing to sell a faulty unit sometimes if the buyer wants to fix it on their own.

Social Media Groups & Online Forums

These days, you can easily find multiple online forums and social media groups dedicated to trading old and new ATVs. Look for ones that operate in and around your area or deal in the type of vehicle you’re looking for.

Below are some well-known forums for buying and selling ATVs.

The list above includes both general and brand-specific platforms. Countless others provide tons of valuable information and technical knowledge about all kinds of ATVs.

So, look around thoroughly. Not only can you find a great deal for a secondhand machine, but you’ll also learn a great deal about the upkeep and maintenance of your chosen vehicle.


Dedicated ATV auctions take place from time to time. A regular car auction may also include decent ATV models for sale. In the latter case, it’s probably best to contact the auction house before the event and enquire if any ATVs will be included in the exhibition.

Classified Ads (Print & Online)

Classifieds are great places to look for pretty much anything and everything. Go through these websites and paper advertisements in detail. You’ll find lots of variety, and there might even be pricing variations for similar models listed at different places. In the latter scenario, compare ad specifics to see which one best suits your budget and other needs.

Top classified ad sources include Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, and local newspapers. With websites, you can easily narrow down the search based on area. That way, you won’t have to deal with a situation where you come across the perfect secondhand ATV for your needs, but the location is far away from your geographic boundaries (if any).

In contrast to an ATV-selling online platform (forums, sites, etc.), filtering through a classifieds website is somewhat more complicated. You’ll need a keen eye for detail while looking through a much longer list of options. If you can do so, however, there’s every chance that you’ll find the perfect secondhand four-wheeler for your needs.

What Do You Check Before Buying a Used ATV?

Now that you’ve shortlisted some ATVs, it’s time to go and take a look. There are a few things to check in this regard. Experienced buyers will probably know them already. The checklist below can serve as a guide for the benefit of novice customers or those with just a casual interest in getting an ATV.

Examine the Compression

This is often overlooked, but compression problems can lead to a blown engine. So, make sure that you thoroughly check an ATV’s compression (with a reliable compression gauge) before making a purchase decision.

Check the Airbox

Look for traces of engine oil in the airbox. This could mean that the vehicle flipped over at some point in the past, or something might be wrong with the engine. Also, see if there’s any debris on the cleaner side of the airbox. This is probably an indication of the air filter not working properly.

Coolant & Engine Oil

The engine oil should not be too old or too dirty. A solid black color of the oil indicates it is old and dirty. New and efficient engine oil usually has a lighter brown shade.

For the coolant, you need to look at the overfill area. Make sure that the level of this liquid is proper and the condition is good.

Other Parts

You should also thoroughly examine CV boots, frame & roll cage, wobble, seat, buttons, and spark arrestor. Make sure that all of these are in good condition. You’ll learn a lot about them once you take it for a test drive/ride.

This piece outlined the best places for buying a used ATV. Be sure to check these sources and keep the above-mentioned things in mind when you decide to make a purchase.




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