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Hauling an ATV on a truck bed is tough work but necessary when you can't ride your ATV to your destination. But will your ATV fit in a truck bed?

Generally, if you have a full-size truck, you can load up your ATV and drive across the country. However, a short-bed truck may or may not be able to fit your ATV, depending on its size. The best (and simplest) way to be sure is to measure both your truck and your ATV. You'll get your answer. 

For example, a Range Rover Crew is not a good fit with a Chevy S-10, but the new Ford-150 will do well on the job. If you have a smaller bed than your ATV, you may be in for a serious investment of up to 20 to 30 thousand dollars, as you might have to buy a trailer to haul your ride.

Finding the right combination of the truck bed for an ATV is a challenge most riders face. Even I, someone with more than a decade of ATV-riding experience, have had to face this issue before. Therefore, to help others out there, I've written this article to help you determine whether your ATV will fit in your truck bed.

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How to Know If Your ATV Will Fit in Your Truck Bed

To determine whether or not your ATV will fit your truck bed, it is essential to know the measurements of both your bike and the truck bed. While some ATVs may be of the perfect width to fit in the dimensions of your truck bed, they may be huge in terms of length, which will be a struggle to deal with.

You can fit a longer quad bike on the truck bed by keeping the tailgate open, but this poses a risk if there is too much weight on your tailgate, which can end up damaging the ATV as well as the truck.

Width Matters the Most

If your ATV is over 60 inches in terms of width, chances are it will not fit in most trucks. To name a few, the RZR Turbo, Maverick x3, Honda Talon, and Ranger 1000 cannot be accommodated in a truck bed. If your side-by-side is too broad, a trailer or a truck rack is probably the best option to haul it over.

However, if you are up for buying a new ATV and have plans to carry it around in your truck, you can get one that is slimmer than the width of your bed. Any trail model from 2016 or earlier will not be a problem.

What Truck Bed Length Is Right For Your ATV?

Whether your ATV can fit on your truck bed or not is determined by its length in most cases. When buying a new truck, there are usually three bed lengths to choose from – long, short, and standard. While the options vary based on the model, they are generally affordable if bought with the truck. You may have to pay more if you buy them later on.

You can decide the length of bed you want by comparing it to your ATV. Generally, the short bed measures about 67 to 70 inches in length. The standard bed length is 76 to 79 inches in length, and the long bed rounds up to around 90 inches.

The standard and the most popular ATVs measure 70 to 90 inches long. You shouldn't have a problem loading your bike on the truck bed if it measures under 90 inches in length.

However, some longer ATVs measure more than 90 inches – you can accommodate these vehicles by dropping your tailgate, which will add 20 inches more to your space. But remember not to put on too much weight on the tailgate by ensuring that most of the tires are supported by the truck bed.

How to Measure ATV's Length?

It's easier to get an ATV with less width than a wider truck bed due to the number of options available. Most ATVs are consistent in length, measuring from 83-85 inches. In comparison, a 6x6 is longer than most truck beds, and hauling a trailer might be the only option you have.

It is best to know the length of your ATV from the farthest stretching points on both ends. A fact about ATVs is that the face of the front tires is usually in line with the body. To know which truck bed length is best for you, take the wheel base of your ATV and add 20 inches to it.

What Truck Do You Need If You’re Looking to Haul an ATV?

Below, we will look at some popular trucks and determine which ATVs their truck beds can support. Remember that these measurements are calculated with the tailgate up.

Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra

The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are more or less the same dimensions. As with any popular truck, they come with three different truck bed sizes.

The long bed of 96 inches can fit pretty much any ATV. In comparison, the standard bed measures up to 78 inches, which can fit ATVs that usually have 350cc engines. If you have a newer model of the same ATV, a 500cc one might also be able to fit.

Dodge Dakota

Dakotas can load up almost any ATV with their long bed, but a short bed will limit you to hauling only up to a 300cc model. Similar to the Chevy, you may be able to fit a 500cc in the truck bed depending on its model.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger, an old yet tough truck, offers Long, Short, and Splash truck beds. While the 450cc to 500cc are for the long bed of this truck, the short bed can haul ATVs with 350cc to 450cc engines. The splash version is not too different from the short bed, except it offers a couple more inches for your ATV.

A few other trucks popular for hauling ATVs are:

  • Chevy Colorado
  • Dodge Ram
  • Ford Light Duty
  • Ford Super Duty
  • Nissan Titan
  • Toyota Tundra

Whichever truck bed you choose according to the size of your ATV, remember to leave a couple of inches on every side to protect your ride as well as your truck bed walls. While you secure the right truck bed, you will also need a sturdy pair of ramps to load it up. Make sure you have the right gear to haul your ATV safely.




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