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Can-Am is a popular all-terrain brand, including tires like the XPS Swamp Force. But, you should consider the features and if they are worth buying too.

Getting stuck with a pair of tires that lacks durability, traction, or strength could be a significant problem during your riding experiences. Understanding how a tire like the XPS Swamp Force works first is an intelligent way to make an informed buying decision.

We believe the XPS Swamp Force tires are worth buying because they come equipped with a new purchase of the 2022 Can-Am Commander X Mr. This is a high-end UTV with some fantastic features, and these tires are expected to be the best in class with traction and performance.  

But because the XPS Swamp Force tires have not yet hit the open market, it is difficult to gauge how valuable they are. Fortunately, we were able to gain some insights through industry experience to get more details about the tire design and critical specifications. This guide will explain more about why these tires are worth buying.

All information about these tires was confirmed by Can-Am using tech sheets and critical updates about the 2022 Can-Am Commander X Mr. Keep reading to learn more about this tire and find out whether it might be worth trying out.

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Are XPS Swamp Force Tires Worth Buying?

The XPS Swamp Force Tire is a hybrid radial off-road tire suited for the Can-Am Commander X Mr. It has been made to be durable, reliable, and offer excellent traction in rugged terrains.

The tires are designed with an aggressive tread pattern that gives users superior performance on wet surfaces while providing excellent handling on dry surfaces.

But there is not much on this tire quite yet. We will get the first glimpse of it when the 2022 Can-Am Commander releases in August.

The tires have a long life span due to their unique construction, and they can also withstand high loads without wearing out quickly. The tire design allows it to be used in any terrain, including sand or mud.

XPS Swamp Force Tire Features And Specifications

Swamp Force tires are designed to provide superior traction on and off-road and improve performance in wet weather.

The XPS Swamp Force tire is a new type of off-road tire that features an aggressive tread pattern and an aggressive sidewall to provide excellent traction on all terrain.

This is achieved through the design of the tread pattern, large contact patch, and deep sidewall lugs. We analyze more of the key features you can expect from these tires below.

30-Inch Sizing

The XPS Swamp Force tires are only available as 30-inch tires for excellent stability, durability, and off-road riding. Can-Am made these tires with only one vehicle in mind.

The sizing choice is meant to match well with the Can-Am Commander X Mr, including a staggered look with slightly different sizes on the front and rear of the vehicle.

These 30-inch tires are made of a particular compound that allows them to go uphill precisely. They also have a large contact patch that provides more road traction.

8-Ply Rating

The 8-ply UTV tire is meant for off-road machines such as ATVs and UTVs. It's designed to offer superior traction, durability, and performance when used in these types of vehicles.

It's built with added rubber compounds and a tough steel belt, which means it can handle the most challenging terrains and loads. This is the tire you upgrade to when yours isn't powerful enough.

Because of this ply rating, you can expect to inflate your tires more than other options, around 42 PSI. This will give you more bounce and traction.

Puncture Resistance Sidewalls

The XPS Swamp Force tire has more rubber on the sidewall to offer puncture resistance. The tire also comes with a new tread design and an improved tread compound to increase traction and performance in all types of weather conditions.

These tires are perfect for off-road driving and provide significant traction in all types of weather conditions.

You can expect better durability and longer lasting tire performance because of this extra layer of rubber support.

Excellent Weight Capacity

The XPS Swamp Force tire has excellent weight capacity and speed. The Commander X Mr includes 100 horsepower and a towing ability up to 2,000 pounds.

With these tires equipped, you are able to tow heavier and drive with more power. This includes a unique tread design that provides superior traction in wet or dry conditions.

The multiple engine options don't change tire performance either. It can still pull the same weight despite the engine choice.

38mm Tread Depth

The XPS Swamp Force tire is a new addition to the Can-Am line of tires. This unique design features a significant 38 mm tread depth, which is significantly more than any other Can-Am tire mentioned.

The extra layer of rubber on the tire provides better traction due to its increased contact area with the road surface. It also ensures much-improved durability unlike any Can-Am tire ever made.

Disadvantages Of The XPS Swamp Force Tires

XPS Swamp Force tires are durable and provide a smooth ride. However, they have disadvantages that make them not a good choice for some people.

In reality, you will have a pair of these tires if you buy a new 2022 Can-Am Commander X Mr. It would be your choice if you decided to switch to something new.

Because of this, it is worth considering the disadvantages of the tire to see if a potential upgrade would make sense.

Limited History

These tires provide excellent traction on wet ground, and because they are made from a special rubber compound, they will not get stuck as quickly as other tires would when riding through mud or deep water.

However, we are not sure if this is true yet. The tires have a limited history, with no genuine reviews of them being ridden with success yet.

This adds a bit of risk to buying them. You don’t know what you are getting, and if they don’t perform to expectations you have made a wasteful purchase.

Only One Size is Available

Another downside to these tires is that they have a limited range of sizes, with only one current size set to hit the market soon.

You will be unable to mix and match them, and the limited availability makes them hard to find or buy when needed. This is a bummer for anybody who drives a different off-road vehicle type.

This also makes it difficult for tire retailers to sell them, meaning they cannot be used by customers who need a specific size or those who want multiple sizes.

Not Ready For Use With Other Vehicles

Because of the limited sizing availability, you have no flexibility to put these tires on any other vehicle either.

If you don’t own the 2022 Can-Am Commander X Mr, you have no use for the XPS Swamp Force tires.

Who Makes XPS Swamp Force Tires?

Can-Am is the manufacturer and distributor of the SPX Swamp Force Tire. It is specially made to fit on the Can-Am Commander X Mr.

Can-Am was developed in 1971 as a motorcycle product division, but in 2006 a transition was made into the all-terrain vehicle market too.

This is where Can-Am began to thrive by developing some of the top-rated ATVs and UTVs that money can buy. This also includes specialty performance tires like the XPS Swamp Force line.

This new brand 2006 became known as Can-Am Off-Road to differentiate itself from the motorcycle division. They are known for many innovations too.

For example, 2014 marked the release of the first-ever side-by-side vehicle with the Can-Am Maverick. These tires are worth buying if you own a Can-Am Commander.

Which Vehicles Can You Use With XPS Swamp Force Tires?

The XPS Swamp Force Tires have been designed as a tire that can be ridden on wet and muddy trails. The traction capabilities look promising based on what we know about the construction.

They are made from a high-quality material that is also lightweight, durable, and puncture-resistant. But for now, this will only be relevant for 2022 Can-Am Commander X Mr owners.  

When you buy this vehicle, it comes equipped with an XPS Swamp Force 30 x 9 x 14 in. front tire and an XPS Swamp Force 30 x 11x 14 in. rear tire.

The slightly staggered design is not uncommon for a Can-Am vehicle, allowing for the tires to make better traction without sacrificing balance or stability on rough terrain types.

We may see more sizing options released in the future to match with other vehicles, but for now, it will only fit on this one.

How Do XPS Swamp Force Tires Compare To Others?

Because of the history with Can-Am, we are inclined to expect big things from the XPS Swamp Force tires. They are said to be reliable and versatile for rugged terrain types.

They have an excellent reputation in the industry and have been widely used by car enthusiasts across the country.

But they do not suit all types of riders. Because of this, you can also consider other tire options that Can-Am produces.  

XPS Trail Force Tire

The XPS Trail Force Tire comes in at a lower price than most brands on the market. Its unique tread design is more durable and offers incredible traction.

This tire is often mentioned because it has many different sizing options to fit all of the other Can-Am vehicles. It is less specialized but works as a reliable tire choice.

The radial tire design uses an 8-ply construction to ride aggressively on dirt, mud, and rocks with ease. This tire has significantly less tread depth than the Swamp Force tires, though at only 20 mm.

XPS Hammer Force Tire

The XPS Hammer Force Tire is a high-performance tire with a unique design and features. Its unique tread pattern provides traction and grip on wet roads.

The tire also has an aggressive rubber compound for better handling and braking on dry or wet surfaces. The tire is puncture resistant and has low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

It has a light truck tire design inspiration too. It will only fit on the Can-Am Commander XT-P, which resembles the Swamp Force in its limited availability.

XPS Trail King Tire

The XPS Trail King is another tremendous off-road and on-trail adventure tire. It has a casing made of high tensile steel that provides excellent traction and durability.

This tire only matches the Can-Am Commander XT with a tread depth of 26 m and 8-ply construction. It is a little higher priced than the other options, but it is also the most durable of these alternatives.

This tire resembles the XPS Swamp Force tire because of the added tread depth and limited availability. However, it still falls short when comparing strength, durability, and power.




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