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Yamaha consistently ranks as one of the best brands each year, and the same is true in 2023 with the impressive ATV lineup available to customers.

The 2023 Yamaha ATV lineup has plenty of premium, high-performance options, including the following.

  • Grizzly EPS XT
  • Grizzly EPS SE
  • Grizzly EPS
  • Kodiak 700
  • Kodiak 700 EPS SE
  • Kodiak 700 EPS
  • Kodiak 450
  • Kodiak 450 EPS
  • Raptor 700
  • Raptor 700R
  • Raptor 700R
  • YFZ450
  • YFZ450R
  • YFZ450R SE

We have reviewed Yamaha's press releases and spec sheets and compiled an honest review of the 2023 ATV lineup below. This top-quality brand has plenty of options for adventurers and off-road riders to consider. Keep reading to learn more.

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2023 Yamaha ATV Lineup

Yamaha is one of the most prominent and recognizable brands in the ATV industry. They have some fantastic machines, and the 2023 lineup is another example of their impressive manufacturing and design capabilities.

Overall, this ATV lineup has everything for each rider, including sporty and nimble machines for outdoor enthusiasts or wider and stronger models for rugged conditions.

With their advanced features, superior design, and exceptional performance, these ATVs will surely provide riders with an exciting and enjoyable off-road experience. Below we look deeper into each ATV included in the 2023 lineup.


The primary standout model in the 2023 Yamaha ATV lineup is the Grizzly. This powerful and versatile ATV is built for work and play, with various features designed for utility and recreation.

It also features electric power steering, which makes it easier to maneuver in rough terrain, and a unique edition color scheme. But the wide range of different Grizzly models is something to note too.

The Grizzly trim levels include the following options:

  • Grizzly EPS XT
  • Grizzly EPS SE
  • Grizzly EPS

What Sets This ATV Apart

This ATV stands out from the competition primarily because of its power. There is a big-bore engine and high-mounted air intake, so the increased capacity is not a problem.

This ATV also has a drive system air intake with a high-capacity radiator. All of these components are critical in helping the ATV easily handle high speeds and much heavier weight capacities.

Benefits Of The Yamaha Grizzly

  • Excellent ergonomics and comfort
  • High-Performance Ultramatic Transmission
  • Adjustable chassis and suspension
  • Durable tires with excellent trail traction

Kodiak 700

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 has plenty of power for all trailblazing needs, yet it is still light enough to maneuver quickly. The design is great, with excellent durability, and the build quality is impressive too.

This can be considered the best Yamaha ATV because of its high strength and power. It runs on a 686cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine and has reliable all-engine braking for off-road performance and stability.

The full Kodiak lineup includes the following trim levels.

  • Kodiak 700
  • Kodiak 700 EPS SE
  • Kodiak 700 EPS

What Sets This ATV Apart

The big-bore features stand out on this ATV. It provides excellent off-road riding excitement and plenty of towing and weight support without losing speed or handling capabilities.

We also love the ergonomics. The ATV feels smaller than it is, which makes it one of the most comfortable utility ATV options.

Benefits Of The Kodiak 700

  • Work-Ready Chassis
  • Wide-arc A-arm suspension
  • Tough terrain stability and handling
  • Heavy-duty big-bore engine
  • Smaller frame and wheelbase for better handling

Kodiak 450

Yamaha’s recreational lineup begins with the Kodiak 450 model, a versatile mid-size machine that is ideal for trail riding, hunting, or backyard fun.

This lightweight but powerful ride has the 4WD capability and electric steering, making it easy to maneuver over tight terrain or through deep mud holes.

Other perks of this ATV include adjustable suspension settings designed specifically for comfortable two-up riding and a cargo rack providing plenty of carrying capacity. There are a few trim levels to consider too.

  • Kodiak 450
  • Kodiak 450 EPS
  • Kodiak 450 EPS SE

This ATV is powered by a 421cc engine and features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver. It’s ideal for smaller riders who still want something with enough power and performance for rugged trail riding.

What Sets This ATV Apart

For this price point, the Kodiak 450 is one of the most impressive vehicles on the market. It has plenty of power to tow bigger loads and handle other work tasks around the yard. It’s also a popular farm option for this reason.

The combination of power and compact sizing is what sets this ATV apart. It’s the perfect option to get a cheaper vehicle that’s easier to drive without sacrificing much strength.

Benefits Of The Kodiak 450

  • Perfect balance of power and vehicle size
  • Light steering feel
  • Optimized vehicle stance
  • Double wishbone suspension

Raptor 700

The Yamaha Raptor 700 is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and powerful all-terrain vehicle. It has a high-power engine with plenty of torque to drive through the toughest terrain.

This ATV also has aggressive styling with plenty of performance. It features a smooth-shifting 5-speed manual transmission built to handle the powerful engine, while reverse gear allows you to maneuver in difficult spots without any problems.

What Sets This ATV Apart

This ATV has one of the best suspension systems. An independent double wishbone system handles the front suspension with a fully adjustable 5-way preload.

The rear uses a cast aluminum swing-arm and adjustable piggyback shock absorbers for maximum ground clearance and performance. It handles well in different conditions.

The ride experience is smooth, even on bumpy trails. This is a great ATV with excellent performance, reliability, and comfort at an affordable price.

Benefits Of The Raptor 700

  • Big-Bore Power engine design
  • Advanced chassis design
  • High-end maximum speeds
  • Industry-leading handling and stopping power

Raptor 700R

For those who require more power and performance during their weekend adventures, Yamaha offers an impressive selection of Sport models, including the Raptor 700R. There is also a Raptor 700R SE trim level too.  

This ATV features aggressive styling and a high-performance 686cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, allowing you to take your ride over almost any terrain imaginable.

We love this ATV because the design also includes unique features like aluminum wheels, Bighorn tires, and even half-waffle grips on the handlebars giving you superior control when pushing these machines to their limits.

What Sets This ATV Apart

The Raptor 700R is an amazing ATV because it offers a combination of power, speed, and agility that can handle the toughest terrain. It features a powerful 686cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine that delivers reliable performance even under intense conditions.

Its lightweight and low center of gravity give you better control on rugged trails. It also has great brakes for quick-stopping power when needed. The suspension is adjustable, so you can adjust it for different riding styles.

Benefits Of The Raptor 700R

  • Perfect balance and traction control
  • Nimble handling and a lightweight feel
  • Long-term durability
  • Plenty of power and speed

Best Tires For Yamaha Raptor 700

Yamaha Raptor 700 Top Speed


The Yamaha YFZ450R is an incredibly powerful and agile offroad vehicle. Built for both performance and comfort, it features a powerful 449cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection, providing fast, reliable power for any terrain or conditions.

The durable suspension and traction control help you maintain control in tight turns, while the reverse button lets you quickly switch directions without stopping completely. Its durable construction and advanced components make this one of the most capable ATVs on the market.

What Sets This ATV Apart

This ATV is special because of some durable components like the shock-absorbing suspension system, heavy-duty brakes, and long-lasting tires designed for off-road use. It’s also quick and easy to start and stop.

The frame has a lightweight design too. This allows smaller riders to maintain full control over the vehicle, even while riding on rugged trails or other off-road conditions.

Compare the two most popular Yamaha racing ATV's: Yamaha Raptor 700 vs YFZ450R

Benefits Of The YFZ450R

  • Ergonomic design with comfortable features
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Aggressive bodywork design
  • Race-ready engine with tons of power

2023 Youth Yamaha ATV Lineup

Not only does Yamaha serve the older generations with excellent ATVs, but the 2023 Youth lineup has plenty of options too. This includes the Grizzly 90, Raptor 90, and YFZ50.

Grizzly 90

The Yamaha Grizzly 90 is an excellent option for children and teens interested in experiencing the joys of off-road riding.

This machine boasts an 89cc engine and durable steel frame that will last through plenty of adventures on the trails. The automated transmission also ensures easy shifting between gears, allowing young riders to focus more on having fun than learning to shift manually.

The adjustable suspension allows for a smooth ride and optimum performance when tackling rocks, logs, or bumps in the terrain. And with its supportive and padded seat plus built-in safety features like headlights and taillights, parents can know their kids will be safe while riding this great ATV.

Raptor 90

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is similar to the Grizzly 90 in many ways, but it’s smaller and faster. They use the same 90cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke engine with two valves, but the straightaway speed in the Raptor is superior.

The lightweight aluminum frame helps keep the weight down while maximizing maneuverability. With all these features, it's easy to see why this ATV is popular with youngsters and experienced riders.


We recommend the Yamaha YFZ50 to smaller and less experienced riders. This mini ATV features a reliable 49cc engine with automatic transmission and electric start, making it easy to learn and ride.

Enjoy smooth handling thanks to the adjustable suspension plus front and rear disc brakes, which provide more than enough stopping power for long rides.

The compact design also ensures that young riders stay safe while navigating rugged terrains such as rocks, logs, or gravel. Parents have full control, too, with a speed limiter feature.

What's Bigger: Yamaha Kodiak or Grizzly?

The Yamaha Grizzly is slightly bigger than the Kodiak. The Grizzly has a length of 81.5 inches, a width of 46.5 inches, and a height of 45.9 inches. The Kodiak measures 81 inches long, 45 inches wide, and 44.7 inches high.

The Kodiak’s larger size also means it has more ground clearance than the Grizzly (10.8 versus 10). Additionally, the Kodiak has a higher towing capacity with its 660-pound rating (compared to the Grizzly's 600 pounds).

The sizing is almost the same, but the Grizzly is more powerful. It can tow more with a higher payload capacity. It’s the most reliable and consistent Yamaha ATV included in the 2023 lineup.

What’s The Best 2023 Yamaha ATV?

It's no wonder why Yamaha ATVs remain the most popular choice in off-road vehicles. For over 50 years, Yamaha has delivered some of the best-performing, most reliable, and most durable all-terrain vehicles on the market today.

As part of its commitment to producing industry-leading ATVs for outdoor adventure, Yamaha offers an extensive lineup of recreational and utility ATV models designed to fit almost any budget or application.

Overall, the Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak 700 are the best options. Both are utility ATVs, so they won’t provide the best straightway speed, but they are best for versatile, trail riding, and towing.

If you prefer the best sport ATV, the obvious answer is the Raptor 700R. It has unmatched speed, handling, and performance for a vehicle in its class.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2023 Yamaha ATV lineup includes the following ATVs: Grizzly EPS XT, Grizzly EPS SE, Grizzly EPS, Kodiak 700, Kodiak 700 EPS SE, Kodiak 700 EPS, Kodiak 450, Kodiak 450 EPS, Raptor 700, Raptor 700R, Raptor 700R, YFZ450, YFZ450R, and the YFZ450R SE.
  • The Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak 700 are the top two Yamaha ATVs worth considering for 2023. We also recommend the Raptor 700R if speed and agile handling are top priorities.
  • The Yamaha and the Grizzly are similar in size, but we would prefer the Grizzly when looking for size, power, and weight capacity.
  • The youth 2023 ATV lineup includes the Grizzly 90, Raptor 90, and YFZ50.




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