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ATVs are used for all types of driving scenarios and are widely known as excellent trail vehicles. But can they also go long distance?

ATVs are mostly known to go short distances, but on average, they can ride for about 50-100 miles. Larger ATVs over 750cc in size can typically reach about 150 miles. It’s possible to make modifications like increasing the fuel capacity to extend the driving range even more.

We have tested various ATVs to see how much fuel they carry and the maximum distance they can drive. We will explain how far they can go and what most ATV riders can expect when trying to go for a long distance.

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Can ATVs Go Long Distance?

ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, are designed to handle various terrain types, including off-road trails and rugged terrain.

However, their design could be optimized for long-distance travel on paved roads or highways. While an ATV can go long distances on paved roads, it is not recommended due to safety concerns and potential damage to the vehicle.

Optimizing an ATV to go long distances would require numerous modifications like extra fuel. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the ATV to have enough gas to ride long distances.

They are built for off-road use on rough and uneven terrain, and their suspension and tires are not suited for extended travel periods at high speeds on smooth surfaces.

Additionally, the seating position on an ATV is not ideal for long-distance travel, and the lack of protective features such as doors and a roof can make it unsafe to operate an ATV at high speeds on a highway.

How Far Can An ATV Go?

On average, an ATV with a full tank of gas can travel between 50 and 100 miles, depending on the above mentioned factors.

The distance that an ATV can travel on a tank of gas will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the tank, the engine size and power, the terrain, and the type of driving.

As a general rule, a larger engine and a larger fuel tank will allow an ATV to go further on a single tank of gas. This is why bigger ATVs are used for long-distance journeys.

Additionally, driving at a steady speed and avoiding sudden acceleration or deceleration can maximize the distance an ATV can travel on a gas tank.

What Impacts An ATVs Ability To Go Long Distance?

Several factors can impact an ATV's ability to go long distances, including the fuel tank size, the engine size and power, the terrain, and the type of driving.

Fuel Capacity

A larger fuel tank and a larger engine will generally allow an ATV to go further on a single tank of gas. One of the primary reasons why an ATV has a limited driving range is because of fuel and fuel burn.

Running out of gas is a concern, so the rider must constantly monitor the fuel gauge. It’s possible to bring extra fuel for the ride, but this is not always an option for everyone.  

Terrain Type

The terrain and the driving style can also affect an ATV's ability to go long distances. For example, driving on rough and uneven terrain will use more fuel and may cause the ATV to break down more quickly, limiting its ability to go long distances.

However, an ATV is illegal to use on highways unless modified and made street legal. Similarly, driving at high speeds, sudden acceleration, or deceleration can also decrease an ATV's range.

ATV Size

Lastly, the ATV size will impact how far or how much distance it can cover. This is because of fuel efficiency, but other reasons include engine size and power.

For example, a small 110cc ATV can only go about 15-25 miles, while a much larger 750cc ATV will easily exceed 50 miles up to 150 miles.

How To Make An ATV Go Long Distance

We can do a few things like increasing the fuel capacity, optimizing ATV comfort, and upgrading the tires to make it easier for the vehicle to ride longer distances.

Increase The Fuel Capacity

Increasing the fuel capacity of an ATV is possible by either carrying extra fuel or upgrading the fuel tank. Both are suitable options, but it’s cheaper to bring fuel bottles or gas packs along for the ride.

Optimize Seating For Better Comfort

We also recommend adjusting the seating on the ATV for longer rides. It will make it much easier to reach these distances without getting uncomfortable, and it also increases riding safety.

Upgrade The Tires

Lastly, upgrading the tires can help too. Whether off-road or on highways, we need the right tires to drive longer distances to help increase fuel efficiency while reducing our risk of a breakdown.

Key Takeaways

  • On average, ATVs will last 50-100 miles because of fuel capacity and riding conditions.
  • ATV owners must increase their vehicle's fuel capacity to drive long distances.
  • Larger ATVs of 750cc or more can typically ride up to 150 miles before running out of fuel.




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